Team Bonding GPS Challenge

GPS Team Bonding Challenge – engage and unite your team!

Watch the video – in 1 minute: Enhance team cohesion and spirit with an exciting GPS treasure hunt! Join the GPS Team Bonding Challenge throughout the UK– a great outdoor activity that unites your entire team!

Explore the excitement: More than team building – it’s team bonding!

Explore the excitement of unique outdoor team building with the entertaining and thought-provoking GPS Team Bonding Challenge!

This awesome activity transforms your city streets, nature trails, or local neighbourhoods into a thrilling scavenger hunt game where you and your colleagues navigate using an easy-to-use GPS app.

During the event, your team will:

Experience a unique GPS treasure hunt with fun group tasks and brainteasers

Be engaged. Everyone is included – regardless of age or fitness level

Strengthen your mutual understanding, teamwork, and team spirit

All across the UK: Your favourite location can be your playground

It’s entirely up to you to select the location for your outdoor GPS team-building event – anywhere in the UK.

Whatever location you choose, we promise an exciting and enjoyable experience that will engage you right from the start.

Group of people participating in fun team bonding event.
Three people participate in outdoor team bonding in the winter.

Discover it: Re-energize relationships and foster new ones!

Try our popular GPS Team Bonding Challenge to re-energize your relationships and team bonding with this fun and interactive treasure hunt.

Split into different teams, you and your colleagues will work together to navigate your city or neighbourhood while solving puzzles, finding hidden treasures, and discovering new facets of one another.

Five happy people standing arm in arm and smiling during outdoor team building.
Four happy people look excitedly at a mobile phone during a team building scavenger hunt for adults.

Brilliant mix: Fun team building activities & Big Talk questions

With the GPS Team bonding challenge, you get a brilliant mix of fun team-building activities, which is perfect for those who want to strengthen team cohesion and relationships.

Along the way, you’ll also encounter a series of Big Talk questions developed by an American psychologist to promote unity and understanding of one another. You’ll have the option to include your own questions.

Steffen Andreasen helps you discover the great GPS Team Bonding Challenge.

Discover how the GPS Team Bonding Challenge transforms your favorite location into a dynamic playground – filled with excitement, learning, and fun for everyone.

| Steffen Andreasen, – a part of GoTeam

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Dedicated Game Masters and GPS app ensureS a smooth and successful event

During the GPS Teambonding Challenge, participants use a sophisticated yet user-friendly GPS app that is tailored for seamless game integration.

The app, downloadable on mobile phones, guides teams through the game’s stages, enhancing the event’s enjoyment and interaction.

Additionally, each team receives real-time online assistance from a professional, English-speaking Game Master, ensuring a smooth experience focused on puzzle-solving and fun.

This combination of expert oversight and world-class technology allows participants to fully engage, regardless of fitness level or age.

How many:4-1000+ participants
How long:2 hours
Location:Customisable across the UK
Price for up to 10 participants:£250
Price per additional participant:£20
Note: All prices are excluding VAT.

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Event FAQ – GPS Team Bonding Challenge

What is the GPS Team Bonding Challenge?

The GPS Team Bonding Challenge is a fun, engaging, and unique kind of outdoor team-building activity that transforms any location into an interactive playground for adventure and bonding.

Participants use a GPS mobile app to navigate through a series of tasks and puzzles, enhancing teamwork and communication.

Who can participate in the GPS Team Bonding Challenge?

Everyone is welcome to participate! Our activities are designed to be inclusive – suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Whether you’re looking for a corporate team-building event or just a fun day out with friends, our challenge caters to all groups.

Can we freely choose the location for our GPS event?

Yes. You have the freedom to choose any location across the UK, whether it’s city streets, nature trails, or your local neighbourhood.

Our GPS Team Bonding Challenge is versatile and can be adapted to any setting to ensure an enjoyable and immersive experience.

What technology is used during the challenge?

Participants will access a user-friendly GPS mobile app, which guides teams through various game stages.

The technology is designed to enhance interaction and ensure a smooth experience throughout the event.

Is there any support during the event?

Yes. Each team will be able to access real-time online support from a professional, English-speaking Game Master.

The Game Masters are there to assist, guide, and ensure that your team bonding experience runs smoothly and is enjoyable for everyone.

Can we customise the team bonding event?

Absolutely! We offer options to customise the tasks and even include your own set of Big Talk questions to encourage deeper connections and understanding among participants.

What are the benefits of the GPS Team Bonding Challenge?

This team-bonding event ignites shared experiences and fun moments. It significantly boosts team spirit, mutual understanding, and cooperation among participants.

It’s an excellent way to re-energize relationships and foster new ones in an exciting setting.

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